Supply a large of parts for a wide range of spa brands.

All parts of a spa are essential in order to have the full experience. We supply a wide range of spa parts for any spa brand, don’t let a damaged, corrosive or missing part take away from what may one of the best features of your house. The jets give you the bubbles, the heaters bring warmth, the filters provide hygiene, and touchpads put it all together. 


No spa parts have tested against the ultimate test of time, with enough use they eventually need replacing and you can find the at Sydney spa services.

Spa heaters

Spa feeling a little cold? or taking too long to warm up? Spa heater might need replacing.


Getting the right chemicals for the right spa is crucial.


No spa blowers means no bubbles.

Spa pumps

Without your spa pumps your jets won't have sufficient pressure.


Keep away bacteria and debris by changing to new spa filters.

Spa covers

spa covers may last 5 - 8 years if they keep clean, but you will ultimately need a new one.

Touchpads and controllers

Is an indicator displaying but the function is not working? or is the indicator light not turning on?

Ozone and uv systems

Having a good ozonator in place will help you reduce the cost of spa chemicals.

Spa jets

No spa jets means no hydrotherapy.

quick services

We are thorough, but efficient. Our spa services are designed for minimal interruption to your day.

all brands and models

There is no limit to the type of spa we can service - We service all brands and models of spas

cheapest prices

We pride ourselves on our great service and the fact that it comes with even better prices for our clients.

Satisfied Customers

Five star review service.

Spa with spa lights on

6 months warranty

for all of our services

Sydney Spa Services prides itself on its quality of work and expertise.

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