Servicing and Cleaning

Book in a regular spa service with us to avoid headaches later on.

spa servicing

Is your spa getting a little dirty?  Or is it that you want to maintain that sparkle that has faded since the day your spa was installed?  Either way, we have you covered.

Our spa experts use the best products and techniques to ensure your spa is clean and healthy.


Regular servicing of your spa has a number of benefits.  We provide a comprehensive spa service that ensures your spa stays healthy and clean, reducing the frequency of large and expensive repairs.


Spa before and after cleaning

Service Report

We will provide you with a comprehensive report on completion of your service.

Chemical Usage Training

We can teach you how to properly use spa chemicals.

Clean and degrease filters

We clean spa filters to the highest quality.

check all spa equipment functions

We will check that every essential component of your spa is performing at its best.


We make sure the blowers in your spa are working properly.

Degrease pipe work and empty spa

We thoroughly clean your spa’s pipes by emptying your spa.

Ozone unit

We can teach you how to properly use spa chemicals


UV units and touchpads.

Polish of top acrylic shell

The acrylic shell is what everyone sees, so we will polish it to make it sparkle.

Safety Test on Heater

Check for dangerous electricity leaking into spa Water.

Spa Water

We will check for water leaks and corrosion.

Hardcover Cleaning

Cleaning the hard cover and adding a vinyl protector is just as important as cleaning the spa itself.

quick services

We are thorough, but efficient. Our spa services are designed for minimal interruption to your day

all brands and models

There is no limit to the type of spa we can service - We service all brands and models of spas

cheapest prices

We pride ourselves on our great service and the fact that it comes with even better prices for our clients.

Satisfied Customers

Five star review service.

Spa with spa lights on

6 months warranty

for all of our services

Sydney spa services stands tall for its quality and assured work. 

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